Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh - Meditation TTC in Indiameditation

There are certain reason on why one should choose the Maayaa International school of meditation over other institution. And to make you people understand that here we have described all the those points accordingly.


Professional Teachers

Having highly qualified teachers is definitely a boon to students. In Maayaa International School, you will be taught under the guidelines of professional teachers.



No doubt, we are lucky to have our meditation ttc in Rishikesh. In this sacred and serene city, you will find yourself attracted and dedicated towards meditation.


Effective Meditation Techniques

We believe neither in old nor in new meditation techniques, indeed we believe in effective meditation techniques which give you benefits readily.


Food And Accommodation

To build an effective concentration, it is necessary to have clean accommodation & hygienic food and so we provide the best of it to our students.


How to Become a Meditation Teacher or Therapist or Healer?

Do you want to heal people through Sound, Crystal, Reiki Healing and Aromatherapy Techniques? Along with that, have you ever wondered about Tarot card reading and Numerology?

Maayaa International Meditation School situated in lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, India (the valley of Himalaya), offers various courses of Yoga & meditation. We can definitely help you become a great meditation teacher that you dreamed of!

For People who are new to Meditation, we provide 100 hour meditation teacher training course.  You are welcome to join our 7 days beginner meditation course to practice the real power of meditation in Rishikesh. This 100 hour course meditation TTC will cover sitting, still or moving body and alignment for the posture.



Basic or 100 hour Meditation TTC includesmeditation-ashram-in-rishikesh

We teach active mediation for beginner so that they can release their unwanted stuff! It's the process of making one empty inside in terms of thoughts, emotions, traumatic experiences etc.

  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Nada Bramha Meditation
  • Gibberish Meditation
  • Natraj Meditation
  • Whirling Meditation


For people who have previously completed 100 hour meditation; for them, we have another 7 days and 200 hour meditation teacher training course available. This is addition of both 7 days 100 hour and 7 days another 100 hour course which eventually become 200 hour teacher training course. It has 7 extra meditation techniques which you will get to know and will be performing during the course. This 14 Days advanced Meditation Teacher Training Course is a mixture of active and passive meditation. Through this course, your journey will start as a healer, and explore techniques of healing self. It’s about taking charge of your emotion, body and mind.

  • Laughter Meditation
  • Belly Tapping Meditation
  • Vipasana with Zen-walk meditation
  • Chanting Mantra Meditation
  • Chakra Dance Meditation
  • Tratak Meditation
  • Mandala Meditation


Further, with another 7 master level meditation methods, your meditation course will get upgraded and you are just 7 days away from your certificate of meditation teacher. Yes, 300 hour meditation teacher training is about sharing you skills with other. Through this course you will be able to balance your body and mind and being a meditation teacher you can pass it to other humans. After completion of 100 hour mediation (Initial or basic course) and 200 hour advance meditation course, you are advised to go for 7 days more to complete your 21 days 300 hour meditation TTC and become the successful master of meditation. This is the final process, where you learn to make meditation a part of your life and share your endless the knowledge with other people while serving as a teacher.

  • Listening Meditation
  • Adhistana/Asthanga Meditation
  • Soham with Breathe Meditation
  • No-Dimension Meditation
  • No Mind Meditation
  • Born Again Meditation
  • Mystic Rose Meditation



Topics to Be Covered in 21 Days Meditation TTCmeditation-camp-in-rishikesh

This Meditation course has various topics and philosophy session to cover, after every meditation, the meditation practice will be explained to you. How one particular meditation practice help in certain way and make your life for beautiful. Such philosophy class requires a lot of patience and you get to write it in your notebook which going to help you be a meditation teacher. Following are the topics which will be cover under your meditation TT Course:-

  • History and Meditation Tradition.
  • Spiritual Practice.
  • Relaxation.
  • Concentration.
  • Meditation from different traditions.
  • Spiritual Anatomy.
  • Ayurveda Relation to meditation.
  • Meditation Psychology.
  • Meditation Philosophy.
  • Practicing and Teaching Methodology.
  • Chakra's connection with body
  • Meditation Therapy.



Points to be cover through this Meditation Coursemeditation retreats-in-rishikesh

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Bandhas (Yogic locks)
  • Meditation practice
  • Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • Meditation & seven chakra based teaching methodology
  • Learn Teaching skill of yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels students.
  • Powerful Mantra Chanting on seven chakra based
  • Yoga Teacher Training Eligibility



Who can be a part of Meditation Teacher Training Course?best-ashram for-meditation-in-rishikesh

Although anyone can be a part of Meditation TTC as it has nothing to harm plus it always make you better in whatever industry you are! It makes you a better person, a better human being and let you control your mind and body. Even, after successfully completion of your teacher training course, one can serve as meditation teacher and while following their interest and earn for their living too. It teaches you humanity, compassion and help you live more passionate and meaningful life. Meditation is useful for:-

  • People who have been through traumatic experience and wants to spread awareness and work for others happiness.
  • People who wants to be the change instead of asking for the change.
  • People who have lost all self-stream and feel lost.
  • People who want to contribute in others life by teaching and guiding them about meditation & yoga.
  • People who are blessed and born with some uniqueness that help them heal people’s pain.
  • People who want to spread or share love, compassion, happiness and knowledge with the world.



Why one should go for Meditation TTC Program?spiritual-healing-courses

Most importantly, the world needs more teachers who can spread such incredible piece of art of meditating and healing self and others. Meditation is such a technique that heals people and helps them to come out of their hurtful time. And should be celebrated and circulated all over the world.

  • If you looking for life transformation and wants to work for humanity.
  • If you have been practicing yoga and want to inculcates your experience.
  • Explore if you really want to contribute in others life by teaching.
  • If nothing excites you and you are going through a routine schedule everyday!
  • If the death have always excited you and wants to find out what happen after we die.
  • If you respect all the things that nature has given to us and wants to save it from bad.
  • Wants to more focus on what you do and towards excellence.
  • If you are addicted to something and wants to get rid of it.


Note: Meditation is such a universal therapy that heals people; help them to come out of their traumatic experiences. If someone is addicted to something, could be alcohol, could be some bad habit, and could be anything! And if one wants to get rid of that bad habit, doors of meditation and our meditation schools are always welcome! Meditation is another meaning of solutions, so never ever hesitate to get over your problems!



Responsibility Through the Meditation Course:spiritual-healing

  • Initially, you are advised to follow the diet plan as per the meditation instructor. If you follow the instruction as per our teacher sincerely, it is assured; you can expect the effective result.
  • Eating food and drinking water is also part of meditation. This process has to be taken care of. You suppose to give time and enjoy your food it is such a term of meditation.
  • Your approach to the given diet plan is expected to be positive as certain diet plan are based on our research and development that we discovered for our meditation course.
  • You are advised to wake up as per the schedule and go for sleep as mentioned time. It wills definitely going to addition in your meditation course and of course within you as a person. One of great habit so far!
  • Kindly take care of electricity & water, we actually need to be resourceful and it’s very important.



Timings and Schedule for Meditation Coursemeditation-centres-in-india

Time Schedule
Wake up Tea 7:00 to 8:00
Hatha Yoga 8:00 to 9:30
Bath & Breakfast 9:30 to 11:00
Philosophy (2 Hours) 11:00 to 13:00
Lunch 13:30  to 14:00
Rest + Self Study 14:00 to 15:45
Tea Break 15:45 to 16:00
Yoga & Meditation 18:00 to 19:00
Dinner  19:30 to 20:30
Lights off and slumber/Sleep 21:15



Additional and significant stuff to be Discussed through the Meditation coursemeditation-teacher-training-india

  • Stress Management and healthy Meditative Lifestyle
  • Get rid of Medication through Meditation
  • Avoid Conflict and connect with Essence of Yoga & Meditation
  • Escape loneliness, meet people, find love
  • Stop being useless and start being resourceful



Our Various Meditation Coursesmeditation-courses-in-india

Our courses will help you in a very healthy way. No one is unaware of the benefits of meditation. It reduces stress level and alleviates anxiety. By joining our courses, you will get benefited by good health along with adequate knowledge of it.


Beginner Meditation Course

This 7 days beginner meditation course will make students aware with the basics of meditation techniques and practices. It will teach them about the proper sitting, alignment of asanas, balancing of your emotions. Also, it increases awareness. Beginner meditation course focusses mainly on body and mind.


Advance Meditation Course

This best suited 14 days meditation course is a good combination of active and silence meditation techniques. You will be benefitted by this course as it controls your body & emotions. Also, it prepares your body for the new level of meditation. This course will grade up your knowledge to an advanced level.


Master Meditation Course

This 21 days master meditation course will enable you to learn every nuance of meditation. By this course, you will understand about every mode or aspect of meditation. The prime benefit you get is that you will become ready to teach others after completing 21 Days Master Meditation Course.


Meditation Retreats

Relax your body & mind in the tranquil and scenic environment of Rishikesh by retreat programs. Also, you can rejuvenate your skills through meditation retreat and alleviates worry, anxiety, depression and stress. This program takes up your meditation practice to a new and high level.

Meditation simply follows the famous Japanese proverb,

"Be the master of mind rather than mastered by mind".

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Maayaa is Best Meditation School in Rishikesh, India.”


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“Maayaa international Mediation school in Rishikesh is one of the best meditation schools.”

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Fee structure for Meditation TTC (Including Accommodation and Food) in Rishikesh  

Events Dates Prices Venue Book now
Meditation Teacher Training Course 21 Days 3rd to 23rd every month 1150 EURO Maayaa International Meditation School where-to-learn-meditation-in-india
Meditation Retreats 14 Days 1st to 14th 2018 1100 EURO Maayaa International Meditation School meditation-classes-in-rishikesh
Beginners Meditation Course 7 Days Weekly, 2018 800 EURO Maayaa International Meditation School ttc-meditation
Tibetan Sound Healing TTC Starts 9thto 19th every month €1750 Maayaa International Meditation School meditation-camps-in-india
Reiki Teacher Training Course 12th to 22nd every month €1200 Maayaa International Meditation School transcendental-meditation-rishikesh