About Maayaa & Her School of Meditation and Healing

Maayaa is a holistic healer and she carries twenty years of expertise in the field of healing, so a master she is! She offers various types of healing techniques and is running Meditation teachers training program under her venture Maayaa Healing. Her international school of Meditation is based in Rishikesh, India.


Offered Meditation Courses

Maayaa International Meditation School offers you an opportunity to become a meditator by providing various meditation courses like Beginner Meditation Course, Advanced Meditation Course and Master Meditation Course which benefited you in numerous ways under the guidance of well qualified and experienced teachers.


Our Aim

The aim of MAAYAA MEDITATION INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to help people all over the globe to overcome their sufferings by using various spiritual techniques and therapies. Its an ideal retreat center for those seeking divine peace , spiritual growth, Meditation power and intoxication . Our mission is to spread the light in the whole world and lighted all the darkness and spread the peace through the process of Meditation. Good things takes time and is hard to follow. That is why we put our best efforts to teach each an every individual to heal themselves and also to help others to move out of distress and be healthy and fit. Maayaa also help people to get healed by numerous healing services.