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Before you fall for the Advanced Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh (India) by Maayaa International Meditation School, all you need to know about what this course will includes and how it's going to profit you. However, if you haven't done the initial course i.e. beginner meditation course which required for advanced course then you won't get much from this and possibly not get enrolled! 


Advanced Meditation Course

Why Is It Advanced Course?

It will upgrade you meditation skill to a new level. After the successful completion of 7 days beginner meditation course, your body and mind is now ready for the higher level of meditation practice. Now you are ready to boost up your meditative skills. This 14 days course will take up your meditation to an advanced level. It will grade up your knowledge and practice of meditation. After completion of this course you may apply for master meditation course ahead too.

What Additional Knowledge Do We Get In As Compared To Beginner Course?

This advanced course of meditation is a very good combination of active and silence meditation techniques. Rather than a meditation world, we will take you on a journey of a healer where you heal yourself and have proper insight into your inner self. This will control your emotions along with body and mind.

Why Choose This Course?

If you are looking for a rejuvenating course while learning and practicing various kinds of meditation to deal with any kinds of problems be it physical or mental as well as emotional. Then this is an appropriate course for you. You will experience the spiritual journey of meditator in this 14 days advanced course.

What Are The Benefits Of The Course?

The prime benefit is that you will be profited by the benefit of meditation along with its advanced knowledge. If you continue the practice of this 14 days course, then you can become a master of your life. If you want to live a happy and healthy life, then meditation is essential. It can reduce stress and alleviates anxiety. Also, it helps in removing of negative thoughts, worries and all that factors which are a barrier to your happy life. Meditation is beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally. It works as a treatment for mental disorders, addiction and other physical and mental ailments.

14 Days, advanced Meditation Teacher Training Course or Retreat By Maayaa International Meditation School For Only 1100 EURO
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