Beginner Meditation Teacher Training Course

For Beginner Meditation ttc in Rishikesh (India) Maayaa International Meditation School offers a guide on what a beginner will be learning through the process and what else this course will be dealing with. This is the base of meditation and required more a lot focus.


So Beginner Meditator, Do you have any clarity about Meditation? Let's talk about it!

What Is Meditation?

Before going through the meditation course, let us first know what actually meditation is? Meditation is the state between sleeping and waking. It is the activity in which you close your eyes and focus your attention on one particular point. It gives you deep rest. Literally, meditation means "Awareness". It is that state of consciousness when your mind is free from redundant thoughts. Meditation is the condition when your mind is calm and thinks only about good and positive thoughts.

Why Beginner Course?

This 7 days course teaches meditation techniques for beginners. If you are unaware of the basic knowledge and benefits of meditation, then this course is for you. You are welcome in our 7 days beginner meditation course to experience the real essence of meditation.

What Do We Teach?

This course will teach the basics of meditation practices. In this short term meditation course, we will tell you about different kinds of activities as well as passive meditation. We will make you aware of the proper sitting and body alignment for the posture of meditation. This mainly focusses on the control of body movements and mind.

How You Get Benefitted?

This course can be very effective if you are looking for self-healing and also for professional purposes. After the completion of this course, we ensure that your body releases all the stress and you are ready to adopt silence and maintain peace and balance in your life. This course will benefit you not only by the adequate knowledge of meditation but also with guaranteed positive changes in you. By this course, you will be able to deepen your awareness, create an inner peace and learn how to balance your emotions.

What Is The Prime Advantage Of Course?

No doubt, the prime advantage of our course is our location. We are having our meditation classes in the calm, quiet and beautiful city of Rishikesh. It is the city which provides you the preferable environment for meditation. You will not find peace and silence like Rishikesh anywhere

7 Days (Weekly) Beginners Meditation Teacher Training Course By Maayaa International Meditation School For Only 800 EURO
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