Master Meditation Course

After completion of your beginner and advanced mediation ttc in Risihikesh (India), all you need to pursue is Masters in Mediation. How meditation become a part of your life and how this 21 days meditation course benefits you in several ways. In this section, you masters meditation on higher level and after you finished the course, can be a meditation teacher and start teaching other people and spread love, kindness and happiness everywhere.


Done With Advanced Meditation Course After Beginners Meditions? Now it's Time to Be the Master of Meditation!

Why Is This Master Course?

Meditation is a state of mind where the feeling of content stays all the time. We don't have to take out time every day to meditate but meditation can become a part of your daily activities. While eating, while sleeping, while working, we can meditate. But this is only possible if you know how to meditate? In this, 21 days we will teach you the techniques of meditation so that it will benefit you. This course will grade up your knowledge to a higher level. You will get to know about every nuisance of meditation. From the basic level to a higher level, you will understand about every mode or aspect of meditation. By this course, you will understand the real meaning of meditation that what it is all about.

What Do We Teach?

You will get to know about the techniques and methods of meditation from the very first day or from beginner's course but something new you learn from this course is how to teach others? You will be able to convey your knowledge through teaching by this 21 days course. After the completion of this course, you are totally ready to teach others.

To Which Level Your Knowledge Grade Up?

In these 21 days, we will train you to be a master in meditation. You learn what is meditation, how it works, how to do it, how to make it a part of your life and last but not the least to teach the same to others. From the very basic level, we will take you to to the advanced level in these 21 days.

What Are The Benefits Of This Course?

If you commit yourself fully to this course, you can see a severe change in your inner as well as outer self. You will be peaceful and full of love and also spread your love and peace with others with the authentic ways of meditation.

21 Days Master Meditation Teacher Training Course By Maayaa International Meditation School For Only 1500 EURO
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