What This Meditation Course Includes?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about meditation? Most of us might answer that it is a way to find inner balance and peace. But meditation is beyond everything we know and that needs to be explored. There is mainly two mediation ttc course provided to students. Basic or 100-hour Teacher training, Advanced or 200-hour teacher training and Master 300-hour teacher training course. Apart from them, if you wish to go for short time meditation ttc course in Rishikesh, go for meditation retreats.


What Comes Under This Meditation Course?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about meditation? Most of us might answer that it is a way to find inner balance and peace. Well, it is true. But there is so much more to meditation than just that. Meditation is the very nature of your being. It is the source of your energy, source of what you really are. Meditation develops that awareness to understand the very nature of your existence. It guides us through the life forces that we might not be totally aware of.

Despite meditation gaining a huge popularity these days, however, there are very few who actually understand the truest meaning of meditation. Meditation has more to do with the state of awareness rather than the techniques which are used and is termed as meditation. Of course, those techniques are an integral part of it, to understand and practice but meditation is so much more than that. And we at Maayaa International Meditation School understand the vitality of the situation and with so many people across the world taking a keen interest in spirituality and meditation; we have come up with a new course as a guided form of teaching where we include meditation and yoga together. It has also been noted that sometimes people tend to misinterpret and confuse between these two very important aspects of spirituality. You can meditation whenever, at work, sitting in activity, while brushing your teeth, or — on the off chance that you need to go customary — sitting smoothly in a calm region of your home. Yoga, then again, requires more space since it includes moving your body into progressions of various physical stances. Be that as it may, growing better internal concentration and fixation is a central part of most yoga practices.

Be it yoga or meditation one must always understand the value and concept. With the changing time into fast-paced life, it becomes very difficult to take their time out into doing something for themselves. Although it is a bit of an irony that we do things, work so hard to fulfill our outward requirements but when it comes to fulfilling our very own inner requirements we don’t put effort into it. Sometimes, we are even unaware of the importance of meditation.

It frequently feels like there is sufficiently not time in the day to complete everything. Our anxiety and tiredness make us troubled, anxious and disappointed. It can even influence our well-being. We are regularly so bustling we feel there is no opportunity to stop and think! Be that as it may, meditation really gives you additional time by making your mind more settled and more engaged. Meditation can likewise help us to comprehend our own particular personality. We can figure out how to change our brain from negative to positive, from irritated to quiet, from miserable to glad. Beating negative personalities and developing helpful contemplations is the motivation behind the changing meditations.This is a significant profound practice you can appreciate for the duration of the day, not simply while situated in the state of silence.

Maayaa International Healing School with the understanding of the importance of Meditation, but with a new approach that accommodates more than just a few elements rather we provide you with a program that lets you understand the very core of the program, the very necessity, and benefits of meditation so that you can benefit from it as much as you can. Within our course, we have integrated Meditation and Yoga together, bringing in the characteristics of the two into a new concept which aids you in having a more fulfilled, joyful life by eradicating the continuous overflow of thoughts that does more harm to you rather than a benefit.

In this course, we offer you with meditation program that includes a residential platform whereby you are taught and given practice session both theoretical and practical by very reputed and well-known teacher from their fields. We understand that not everybody (even if they are very willing) don’t have the time to do it. So, we have come up with a 7, 14 and 21 days program for beginners, advanced and master level courses respectively. You are free to choose to do the program up to any level which permits you. During the course of the program, Meditation TTC in Rishikesh give you classes as well as teach you with the art and activity of the respective course.