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Read What our student said about Maayaa International Meditation School on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. They have posted them under review section in the respective social network, post their experiences about meditation TTC course in Rishikesh. These reviews are honest and one can easily assume things about the institute along with the faculty and courses, gives clear idea about the course one will be through in our meditation center. Read each testimony carefully as it's going to make your mind about the course you are interested in.

qoute-iconMaayaa recommended Meditation and I am so glad I made this decision. An intense experience, helped by wonderful Maayaa's warmth, humor love, the negative energy that had been nesting in my heart and soul for too long was knocked into to touch and now I feel clean, sparkling and light once more. If you are every fortunate enough to have the chance to visit beautiful Maayaa grab it with both hands and don't look back.qoute-icon

Nicole Thorn

qoute-iconMaayaa is an amazing Meditator feeling so blessed to have met her! She is a powerful teacher full of experience and ready to share with her students.qoute-icon

Anthia Solomou

qoute-icon Choosing to learn at Maayaa International Meditation school is one of the best things I have done during my time here in Rishikesh India. Maayaa is an exceptional teacher with her vast knowledge and experience with different meditation course, along with her passion and awesome teaching techniques. I feel blessed to have found useful School and highly recommend it.qoute-icon

Vanessa Burns

qoute-iconMaayaa International Mediation school was not the first choice of mine as was in touch with various schools based in Rishikesh. I stumbled a set of schools and they all were into meditation ttc and eventually I started calling each of them and it was this school where I got stuck. I was very much impressed the way they answered my queries and the experience through my course was as awesome as the first call was! Yes, I recommend MIMS to all you going for a meditation ttc course in Rishikesh.qoute-icon

Vibha Sharma

qoute-icon I had very good connection with Maayaa as a teacher and as a person too. She is an amazing teacher who is always there to help you out. She never makes you feel uncomfortable and tries her best to pull best out of you. Such a darling teacher she is!qoute-icon

Tarun Dhami

qoute-icon Maayaa International Mediation School offers meditation Courses. I Had Great Time in Rishikesh.qoute-icon

Sanjay Tiwari

qoute-icon I have learned sound Mediation with the school and the experience was exceptional, I already had different courses before but having such teachers in one place was overwhelming. I will be starting my healing course very soon with Maayaa & would like to be numerologies too. Love the way they served food and given us such amazing accommodation.qoute-icon

Shobha Kalrani

qoute-icon Awesome Mediation school with great faculties and amazing style of teaching which left me inspired to become a teacher. The way this institution is contributing into the world is surprising and unbelievable. They seem to be more professional in terms of their teaching programs. Meditation helped me to cope with my insecurities and I can't tell you, "how much it healed me!" Of course, best meditation center based in Rishikesh, India.qoute-icon

Jitendar Negi